Introduction to Mindfulness

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Introduction to Mindfulness


How connected are you in your daily life? Would you like to improve your ability to have more positive experiences in your working or family life? The “Introduction to Mindfulness” course offers intelligent, easy to implement techniques to obtain a more balanced life.

Mindfulness is first and foremost awareness. The goal is to obtain nonjudgemental awareness of what happens inside and outside you. When practiced, in time an ability emerges to choose how to react to thoughts, feelings and circumstances. 

To read about mindfulness is like trying to taste the food at a restaurant by reading the menu.
In order to feel the advantages of awareness and meditation, you have to try it out yourself.
One opportunity is this 6 mornings/evenings course for a small group with focus on practical meditation exercises, breathing exercises, exercises in awareness and focusing on yourself and theoretical understanding of mindfulness. More on Mindfulness here

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Small Group  for Experienced Mindfulness meeting 8 times to investigate how to maintain a mindfulness practice

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Mindfulness Winter 2020

Course inFO

The lecturer 
Is certified life-coach Elisabeth Møllgaard

300 Euro
(280 Euro for early birds)

Six times 2 hours

Dates - see Agenda 
(currently not available)
or evenings
(currently not available)
See Agenda for alternatives

At the spacious premises of EMCoaching, Olingen, Luxembourg (15 minutes drive from Kirchberg, 30 minutes by bus)

Group size   
between 6-8 persons

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 “There is only 
one thing in life 
you can control: 
- How you choose 
to meet the challenges 
you face in life”
Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experienceMindfulness,_Meditation_and_More.html