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More on mindfulness, meditation and quieting the mind

The practice of mindfulness gives you
tools to measure and manage your life
as you're living it.

It teaches you to pay attention to the present moment, recognising your feelings and emotions and gives you the possibility to decide how to act, especially when faced with difficult situations. 
You're able to both observe and participate in each moment, while recognising the implications of your actions for the longer term. 

I have underlined the word practice above for a reason :-) 

In order to gain awareness and clarity about the present moment, you must be able to quiet your mind. As you might have experienced, that is difficult and to my opinion it takes a lifetime of daily practice to be able to do it at all times! 
Think about it… you do not expect that one holiday stay at a sports resort will make sure that you are fit for the rest of your life… It takes recurring exercise to stay fit, and the same goes with mindfulness. 

My most important daily practices are meditation and yoga, and I try to do it every day. For me Yoga helps to connect mind and body, apart from the much needed physical exercise. Meditation enables me to cast off the many trivial worries and nervousness that once possessed me and it gives me clarity about what was really important to me.

Meditation is highly rewarding, but may not be for everyone. The important thing is to have a set time every day to pull back from the pressures of life to reflect on what is happening. 
There are may ways to do it; you just have to find the way that suits you!

And just being aware in a non-judgemental way sometimes of what is happening right now is a large step towards a more balanced life.

Regardless of the daily introspective practice you choose, the pursuit of mindfulness will help you achieve clarity about what is important to you, and give you access to a more balanced life.


At the 'Introduction to mindfulness' groups we explore the background for mindfulness - why and how it works - and several different sorts of exercises and practices, and there is a lot of focus on awareness, acceptance and presence.

The aim with the Further Group ‘Mindful Meetings’ is to support individual attempts to establish and maintain a mindfulness practice - and the prerequisite will be that the participants have some experience with connecting mind and body, quieting the mind etc. via mindfulness, meditation, yoga, t'ai chi or the like.

In this group we follow a general structure and each time both focus on one specific mindfulness activity and then meditate in the group too. We talk about your experiences of how to practice mindfulness in our lives.

The advanced groups were expected to be resumed in 2020. If you would like to know more, please email for details (dates are available on the AGENDA).

If you are looking for how mindfulness could relieve your stress; please contact me regarding Mindful Stress Management Coaching