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by Elisabeth Møllgaard


Elisabeth Møllgaard is a certified ID-life coach and a certified stress master coach, educated in Denmark.
She coaches in English, Danish and Dutch and speaks German as well.

Elisabeth’s career started more than 30 years ago in economics and statistics. Since then her strong interest in people and their development has made her shift to life-coaching.
“I have been living in Luxembourg since 1997 when I arrived here in order to work for the European Commission. Since then I have settled here with husband and two children born in Luxembourg.”

My special areas of competence are qualified presence and trust, mindfulness, stress management and coaching, communication skills, resource identification, improving relationships, high sensitivity (HSP), supporting parents of gifted children, and mentoring gifted adults.

Believing in the enhancing experience of group synergies, I have been happy to facilitate numerous small groups on mindfulness and stress management.

Mindfulness, stress management, coaching and mentoring sessions are offered either here in Olingen or alternatively online via e.g. Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp Video Calls.
Please contact me if you would be interested in exploring how sessions take place.


ID Life-Coach & Master Stress Coach

Personal consulting services with the objective to empower you to identify and acknowledge your resources
- on a path to reach your full potential

Individual coaching
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Elisabeth Møllgaard is educated and certified in Denmark at the ID Academy and further at Forebyg Stress - the leading Stress Prevention and Coaching company in Denmark, and as a group facilitator by Mette Fogh.
She is a member of the Danish Association of ID-coaches, and continues to develop through further education, for example with regards to education in coaching and mentoring gifted adults through IHBV and Intergifted.

Coaching Highly Sensitive Persons
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Gifted Adults
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