Mindful Stress Management


Sometimes a state of excess stress arises from work related circumstances, sometimes it arises from a home situation...  While we might not be able to alter the circumstances, it is in any case possible to manage how we address the situation.

Mindfulness techniques have proven very helpful in preventing stress, but at times this is not sufficient and other techniques have to be used.

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The Lunchtime meetings will address how both Mindfulness and also Stress Management Techniques can be used - to prevent upcoming stress and to help remedy ongoing stress.

The intention with these groups is to make sure the participants are aware of both stress coaching and mindfulness tools to deal with the stress they experience in their daily life.

At every meeting I will be available after the session for talking individually about your specific situation; still genuine individual stress coaching requires a separate meeting.

If this is the first time you are joining one of my groups I prefer that we talk on the phone in order to gently assess what your needs are in terms of stress management.

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Stress coaching

Course inFO

The facilitator is 
- certified life-coach, stress coach and mindfulness instructor Elisabeth Møllgaard

250 € for 10 times, (currently not available)

1 hour
and afterwards possibility for tea and talk
- if you have time :-)

Dates - see Agenda 
Available only on demand for small groups. We start at 12:30 and finish at 13:130.

At the spacious premises of EMCoaching, Olingen, Luxembourg (15 minutes drive from Kirchberg, 30 minutes by bus) - or at a site according to your needs

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 “There is only 
one thing in life 
you can control:
- How you choose 
to meet the challenges 
you face in life”
“Crying is not a sign of Weakness. It is a Sign of having tried too Hard to be Strong for too Long”

“Crying doesn’t indicate that you are weak. Ever since you were born it’s been a sign that you are alive”Mindfulness,_Meditation_and_More.html