Coaching of Highly Sensitive and/or Gifted Persons


As I over the years have gained experience in coaching, my ‘path’ has been partly determined by the needs of my clients. As a new coach, I started out with a focus on mindfulness, and soon I realised that there was a considerable need for stress management coaching - and I became a certified stress management coach.
Often - but not always - the clients showing signs of stress or being interested in mindfulness would be what is sometimes called ‘Highly Sensitive Persons’ (HSPs) - which is another term for ‘people who’s nervous system is wired differently from other people’s.
You are Highly Sensitive when you react to stimuli to a higher degree than the majority - the need for coaching arises when you have used (all or too many of) your resources to adapt to a world constructed to be catering for the majority who are not highly sensitive.
In other and more positive words, HSPs take in sensory information in an easy and evolved way, creating strong inner experiences -  and this does not always adapt well in a world that on the surface idolises high speed, superficial adaptability, and external experiences.

Coaching and mindfulness can be used to increase awareness of how to cater for your own needs as a HSP, in order to be functioning optimally in this world.

Sometimes the High Sensitivity is experienced in connection to being Highly Gifted, Creative or Talented. Still being aware of the sensitivity and how to cover your needs is a good starting point for exploring your gifts and talents to the benefit of both you and the society. 

A Highly Sensitive and/or Gifted person can be introvert or extrovert, or somewhere in-between.
You can read more about the usual traits here


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“There is only
one thing in life
you can control:

- How you choose
to meet the challenges
you face in life”

Continually swimming in an endless sea of sensation can at times be exhausting, regardless if it is beautifully terrible or terribly beautiful.
This is why your deep rooted need for peace and self care is essential to support your superb sensitivity.

Approximately 15 - 20 % of the population is highly sensitive. Much of our understanding of this trait comes from the research of Dr. Elaine Aron, and you can take the HSP self-test on her website.