Workshop for Highly sensitive persons


Intention of a 3 times 6 hours Workshop for HSPs.

More detail to come!

Send us an email if you are interested.


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Course inFO

The facilitators are 
- certified life-coach, stress coach and mindfulness instructor Elisabeth Møllgaard
- and group facilitator and therapist in training Elisabeth Wille

300 Euro
(270 Euro for early birds)

Three times 6 hours

Dates - see Agenda 
3 Sundays:

from 9 to 16

To be determined

Group size   
between 12-15 persons

Any Questions?
Send me an email


1. Send an email
2. You will receive a confirmation by email incl. description of payment method.
3. If your payment is registered within a week the space is yours,
- else it might be given to somebody else.

“There is only
one thing in life
you can control:

- How you choose
to meet the challenges
you face in life”

Continually swimming in an endless sea of sensation can at times be exhausting, regardless if it is beautifully terrible or terribly beautiful.
This is why your deep rooted need for peace and self care is essential to support your superb sensitivity.